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Logan Murphy & Me

I am a Nurse, Mum, Wife and Logan Murphys Person; not necessarily in that order. It was a stormy & cold night in 2018, with a power outage, lightening and thunder rolling when all the animals were sheltering in the house; K9#1 and K9#2 were neck & neck in the malodour department, and Spot the cat was coming a close 2nd place.  Something had to be done, something fast and effective.

I went on to develop an all natural, no nasties dry powder formula which, when applied and massaged into furry coats and then brushed out; cleansed, deodorised and moisturised all in under 90 seconds.  Clean, Fresh and Dry.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Logan & Me!

Quality care

Logan Murphys Dry n' Clean is an all-natural, chemical and preservative free product made right here in Western Australia. It is an artisan hand-made product, made in small batches. It is packaged and heat-sealed immediately, ready for market day or to be posted directly to you. The handy resealable packaging makes it ideal for travelling and holidays with your fur pets, and at home for a fuss free, water free clean.

Our product has been shown to gently cleanse, deodorise and moisturise all your furry creatures. The Packet size was designed for our Wolfhound, so Giant furry K9, therefore adjust the amount of product to suit your pet. Daily brushing of your pet is usually recommended and using the buffing mitt frequently between dry washes will remove any incidental dust/dirt/pollens picked up in their travels.

Like us, our pets are all individual, so always test a new product on you pet on a small area first and never use on broken/irritated skin, or in eyes or sensitive areas.
If you suspect any irritation, wash off thoroughly in flowing clean water. Always seek your Veterinary Doctors advice for your individual Pets health and well-being.

How to Dry Clean with Logan Murphy

Who we are

Our Mission

To provide environmentally friendly products for all furry creatures and their humans. 

To only ever give evidenced-based information when writing our blogs and responding to any questions.  To provide transparency and ethical excellence in every aspect of conducting our business.

We are a small, family based company operating from a township in the South-West of Western Australia.  We hand pick the products we are offering, thoroughly researching and taking the necessary time required before going to Market.  

What our clients say

"Love this product!! Keeps me fresh and clean and smelling delicious. Best thing about it....No water needed cause let's face it, baths suck!"
Nibbler the French One
Bunbury WA
"Wow! Great product! My little Chi was a bit on the nose. Spinkle, Brush & Rub and he is now fresh as a daisy. Highly recommended. Incredible Logan Murphy Dry Shampoo."
Gabby Foo
Perth WA

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