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&3Veg All Natural Vege Dog Crisps


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&3Veg All Natural Vege Dog Crisps

Logan Murphy all natural dog & cat treats.  From our new &3Veg range!  The three seasonal vegetables chosen are dog & cat safe and are lightly steamed and dehydrated to lock in maximum nutrition.

Each 30g bag of Vege Dog Crisps is equivalent to no less than 250 gms of fresh veg.

Use as a treat or crumble into your pets food for added texture and enticement, without adding excessive calories to their diet.  As dehydrated vegetables reduce 80 – 90% of original volume, always have fresh drinking water available for your pet.

Ingredients:  Green Beans, Carrots & Pumpkin.  Free range eggs and a little rice flour.  Nothing else added!  All natural, no nasties.