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Coral Cloth Buffing Mitt


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Coral Cloth Buffing Mitt

Superb quality, custom made chenille buffing mitt.  A two sided mitt and room for your hand to comfortably groom your pet.  Use the dry mitt to gently clean around the eyee, face and ears.  The coral cloth will attract and hold excess cleansing product and give the coat a natural shine, without disturbing natural oils of the skin.

Use the mitt in-between dry washes to maintain a clean coat by capturing dust and pollen and bacteria picked up in activities of daily living.

To maintain the mitt simply dust off outside.  The fibre will last some time before becoming saturated with dust/dirt and needing to be washed.  If water washing is required, simply hand wash with a gentle soap, or can be machine washed in a cloth bag 30 degrees celsius with mild soap (no fabric softener).  Hang out to dry.