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Logan Murphy Pet Dry n' Clean Traveller


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Logan Murphy Pet Dry n' Clean Traveller


Logan Murphy Pet Dry n’ Clean, traveller size.  All Natural Dry Pet Cleanser, in a convenient resealable packet (30g).  Made right here in Western Australia.  Will leave your fur pet Clean, Fresh and Dry; all in approx 90 seconds.

The amount you use depends on your pets size and thickness of coat.  The single packet was designed for Logan Murphy, our Wolfhound (Giant Breed).   A medium size dog would require about half packet, small dogs about a third of a packet.  Cats would only require a teaspoon amount.

Perfect for home and travel, and when a water bath is simply not an option.

Whats in it?  Fine Australian Grains (including wheat), Natural B Vitamins, niacin & proteins, Mineral Extracts, Hint of Coconut & Herbs.

All Natural.  No Nasties.