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Pet Dry n' Clean Shaker - Refillable


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Pet Dry n' Clean Shaker - Refillable

Logan Murphy Pet Dry n’ Clean, our original all natural, dry pet cleanser (65g).

A fast and simple water-free solution to gently cleanse, deodorise and moisturise your furry pet.  Perfect for home and travel.

Sprinkle the dry cleanser lightly over your pets coat, avoiding eyes or any sensitive areas.  Massage the product through with your hands or a massage brush for approximately 30 – 40 seconds, then brush out.  Finish off with a buffing mitt.

Clean, fresh and dry in under 90 seconds.  All natural and no nasties, what could be easier?

Whats in it?  Fine Australian Grains (including wheat), Natural B Vitamins, niacin & proteins, Mineral Extracts, Hint of Coconut & Herbs.